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The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream;
and how you handle disappointment along the way.
” – Robert Kiyosaki

BLOGS 2015

Tips for Building Consumer Confidence in Your Company

The Best Toys for Child Development

6 Tips for Talking to Kids About Death and Loss

The Ultimate Guide for Getting a Raise

Salary Negotiation Secrets for Women

Hook Up Culture Making Teens Depressed

Would You Join an MLM Company for Retirement Income

School Shootings: My Expert Advice on Prevention

Robin Williams Secrets Towards Suicide

57 Ways to Turn Adversaries into Advantages

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

Kids Describe What Faith Means

Who Inspired Your Business

Irregular Maturity: Parents Exchange Sex Talk for Technology Talk

How to Raise An Organized Child

101 Ways Why Being an Entrepreneur Rocks

Sexting, Texting, Obsession, Addiction and Neurological Origins

Entrepreneurial Tips

Ramifications of Adults with ADHD, Autism and Aspergers

Prevention Strategies for School Violence on Blog Radio

School Shooters ByProducts of an Emotionally, Spiritually, Bankrupt World

Health Food Nation taken Over by Corporate Predators


Can We Really Have it All? Delta Kappa Gamma Conference

The Challenges: Single Motherhood, Autistic Young Adults in the Workforce, Education as a Priority and STEM Women in History

Can We Really Have It All? Professional Women’s Business Conference

Driving Traffic to Your Website, Facebook and Linkedin Sites PWBN Conference

Funding For Infants and Toddlers in Day Care; PA Commission for Women and Cover

House Education Hearing on Praxis Exam

House Education Committee Hearing on Testing

Trade Conference Commission: Education in the 21st Century



Health Care or TortureEcho

Health Food Industry Overtaken By Corporate Predators


Holistic DentistryEcho

Medical Care Not Attuned To Health Care; Daily Progress;(scanned)

Physicians, Practitioners but Patient Beware Echo

Prescription Drugs: To Protect Our Children Daily Progress

The Health Care Debate Echoes the 500 Year Public Education Debate (W) Echo

The Marriage Between Non-Invasive Technology, Holistic Health and Western Medicine Venture Inward

The Marriage of Technology and Holistic Health Echo

We Are What We Eat(scanned)


Alternative Educational Models (W) Echo

A View on Education; Echo(scanned)

Animal School

Are Charter Schools the Solution?

Beyond Book Learning, Observer(scanned)

Charter Schools (W)

Compromise Needed On State Testing Plan; Observer(scanned)

County Deserves Applause, Not Ridicule for Offering Alternative Option; Observer(scanned)

Day Care

Day Care and Kindergarten

Day Care Reform

Democratic Schools

Dr. Daria’s Philosophy of Education

Education Should Enhance Creativity; Daily Progress(scanned)

Educational Machine

Gifted and Talented

Gifted Children

Gifted Students (W)

Home Schooling and Reggio Day Cares of Italy

Infrastructure Changes in Schools

Middle School Teens

Montessori Schools

More One Room Schoolhouses

One Room School House

Political Education Machine

Positive Focus on Education is Self-Fulfilling Prophesy; Times Leader, (scanned)

School System Antiquated(scanned)

Small Schools

Smaller Schools Reflect Yester Year Offer More Benefits in Educating Americans(scanned)

Students Acting Out Have Things in Common, Citizens Voice(scanned)

Testing in School (W)

Textbooks Written for Socialism

The American Dream(scanned)

The Good Wife’s Guide; Good Housekeeping

Waldorf Education: Rudolf Steiner


Archaic Dating Rituals; Daily Progress(scanned)

For Handicapped, City is Dangerous(scanned)

Free Event Was Social Occasion for Fridays After Five(scanned)

Fridays After Five

Mediation Better Than Divorce(scanned)

Recession Makes Us Think About Behavior(scanned)

Small Acts of Love Give Meaning to Life(scanned)

The Art of Internet Dating

Toys That Enhance Creative IntelligenceEcho

Toys To Give Children For ChristmasEcho

Violence in the World

We Allow Guns, Dugs to Replace Love, Respect in Children’s Lives (scanned)

World Advertising Creeping into Theatres; Daily Progress (scanned)

Youth, Elderly Should Be Linked(scanned)

Parenting and Family

Adolescence without Conscience

Adults Don’t Focus on Causes for Children’s Criminal Behavior (scanned)

All Children Are Born Gifted (W)

Bridging the Gap With Elders

Call For Children’s Advocate

Candles of the Future; Processes of Childhood Development; New Frontier Magazine(scanned)

Children Come First; Our Greatest Treasure

Children Are God’s Children

Children Light the Way (W)

Gifts For Kids; Do’s and Don’t; Echo(scanned)

Gifts for Spiritual Children For the Holidays (W)

Guilt in Parenting

How To Protect Children in a Violent World (W)

Little League Team Had Fun While Learning Basics; Daily Progress (2pages) (scanned)

Parent As Teacher: Relationship to Self and Child

Single Motherhood

Society Owes Respect to Single Mothers(scanned)

The Y Generation

Toys That Enhance Creative Intelligence(2 pages) (scanned)

What The New Kids Face(scanned)


Laws of Attraction

Moses was King of Egypt

New Age; New Spirituality

Soulless Society Requires Us to Relearn Behavior(2 pages) (scanned)

Teaching Children About Spirituality(scanned)

Trusting Your Inner Voice During A Crisis (Echo)

Vultures and Predators Spawned by the New Age


Dairy and Cattleman’s Association Marketing Ploy

Nature’s Awesome Beauty

Non-profit groups try to Raise Environmental Awareness (scanned)


911 God’s Calling

Inaugurating A New Vision(scanned)

Media Predisposes Attitudes and Perceptions

Quick Thinking Diverted Disaster(scanned)

The Lost Symbol; Book Review AHP(scanned)

Wall*E: Every Woman’s Kind of Man


Earthwise Business

Albemarle Magazine: Environmental Entrepreneurship(scanned)

Consumer Guide to Planet Earth(scanned)

Green Store; Charlottesville Observer(scanned)

For Earth’s Sake Calendar Centerfold(3 pages) (scanned)

Franchise Opportunities Grow With Times; In Business Magazine(2 pages) (scanned)

Franchise Reaction; In Business Magazine(scanned)

City Store Featured on National TV; Rural Virginian (scanned)

Recycled Products Plant The Seed for Growing Business: Daily Progress(2 pages) (scanned)

Salute To Family Businesses: Earthwise; Daily Progress(scanned)

Urges Patronage of ‘Earth Friendly’ Business(scanned)


Economic Activism; University of Virginia(scanned)

Education Businesses

Brezinski Discusses Education at LCCC; Times Leader(scanned)

Educational Choice Sure to Pass Test of Times; Times Leader(scanned)

Conference Participants: Say So Column:Times Leader(scanned)

Sailing To National Recognition; Tallahassee Democrat (scanned)

Greenburg to Speak at National Conference; The Ebb and Flow(scanned)

Misericordia Will Host Parley on Successful Schools; Citizens Voice(scanned)

Group Aims to Fix Not Fault Schools; Times Leader(scanned)

Miseri Hosts Alternative Education Conference; Highlander(scanned)

Researcher: Community Must Take Ownership for Schools; Dallas Post(scanned)


Association for Research and Enlightenment; Education Conference(scanned)

Goddard College; Holistic Education Conference(scanned)

Whole Life Expos; Atlanta, GA; Rockville, MD; New York; California;(scanned)

Open Center New York(scanned)

Skateboard Park

Caricature, Cartoon Skateboard Lady (scanned)

Charlottesville Skateboard Park

City, County Should Try To Help Teens(scanned)

Council Tells Skateboarders to Stay Off Mall(scanned)

Councilors to Reconsider Skateboarding (scanned)

Mall Skateboarding Ban Possible(scanned)

Officials Explore Park Ideas with Skateboarders(scanned)

One Bumpy Ride(scanned)

Skateboarders Brace for Ban on the Mall (scanned)

Sidewalk Surfers Wheel Deal(scanned)

Skateboard Given to Mayor(scanned)

Skateboard Park Given Tentative OK(scanned)

Skateboarders Set Free on Mall (scanned)

Skaters May Get Facility(scanned)

Youth Programs

Adults Say Breakthrough of Values Hurts Teens, (3 pages)(scanned)

Charlottesville Ski Club(scanned)

Group Plans to Integrate Handicap Programs(scanned)

Group to Plan Teen Programs(scanned)

Roller Skating Renaissance(scanned)

Teen Program Leaders Meet to Solve Problems(scanned)

Teens Beginning to Shape Programs(scanned)


Home Education Free of Mold; Daily Progress (scanned)