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After a diagnosis of ill health in the early 1980’s, rather than turning to allopathic medicine, Brezinski began to research unique modalities and techniques in alternative medicine and health. Searching around the globe, she discovered that many countries viewed health and well-being differently than citizens of the US. During this transition, Dr, Michael Di Palma, a naturopath, living in the Philadelphia area and a graduate of the School of Naturopathic Medicine in Oregon, crossed paths with Brezinski. The two began Life Creations Family Center, taught and practiced an amalgamation of alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, holistic psychology, neurolinguistic programming, spiritual intelligence and naturopathic medicine.  The two appeared on television, were interviewed on radio and lectured at conferences and other venues in order to educate the general public, create a broader audience for their services and learn from others who were exposed to the new technologies. Although Brezinski resides in Virginia, Dr. DiPalma still practices naturopathic medicine in the Philadelphia area.


Daria Brezinski- Horizons television program; Philadelphia 1984


Brezinski, Daria; WOGL Interview; Education for the 21st Century

Brezinski, Daria; Health Talk; Holistic Health

Brezinski, Daria; Holistic Health on Health Talk Radio

DiPalma, Michael; Home Remedies For Children’s Illness

Dr. Michael DiPalma and Dr. Daria Brezinski; Holistic Health Interview Hotline Radio


Life Creations Family Center Flyer ( Page 1 and 2) 1984


The Life Creations Center Flyer

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