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Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.

– Margaret Cousins

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From Collaborators, Partners and Participants

2701d25Stephen M. Faraci, Sr.: Trial Attorney Specializing in Business Litigation at LeClairRyan, P.C. “I had the opportunity to listen to Daria speak on Cyber Security for Business & Home at a Goochland Chamber of Commerce event. Daria is a well-spoken and knowledgeable leader in a range of skills. She has a gift for making complex matters understandable and relatable. If you have the opportunity to hear her present, you will be rewarded for taking the time to listen.”

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaw6aaaajgrmm2i0y2filwyxngytndrkoc1inzezltewmgfiode1mgzmygPeter Larsen: Senior Business Improvement Specialist at Cobb Technologies “I participated in a presentation Daria gave to the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce last week at a luncheon as was very impressed. Daria spoke of Cyber Security and had an expert level of understanding of the topic. Daria was engaging with the audience and approachable. We all learned a lot from Daria’s presentation.”

indexKay Stuart- President Delta Kappa Gamma Northeast Chapters “We expected a good speaker, and she was. We expected her to connect with the participants at our convention, and she did. We expected her to share her insights on how women can be empowered to influence their communities in areas of finance, education, and safety, and she did. But we got more than we expected! She gave us the gift of “Daria”! We found her very engaging, strong, and experienced, and felt the passion for her work. She challenged participants to think and question their own actions, expanding the knowledge of themselves. She encouraged them to listen to and notice people around them. She earned the respect of all who attended. What power and examples Daria shares with the audience!”

Phyllis Smith Founder – Professional Women’s Business Network
“Dr. Daria Brezinski is a woman of many talents. Her knowledge and expertise rise far above the norm and it’s a truly a pleasure to know her. Her expansive resume speaks for itself, and she is a woman who has captured the respect of many women and men around the world. Aside from her fabulous tv and radio show, authoring books, raising 6 children – she is training women to promote themselves and create a balance between work, family, and self. As the Founder of the Professional Women’s Business Network, I applaud everything that she brings to women of the world.”

william espinosaWilliam H. Espinosa, Attorney at Law
“I’ve known Dr. Brezinski for more than 15 years in a variety of capacities including legal advisor to her business interests and as my counselor and friend. She brings a wide variety of skills honed in a wide range of professional and personal experiences. Dr. Brezinski has been instrumental in almost single-handedly building a highly successful support network for women in business in Charlottesville, VA area. In doing so, she has shown commitment, innovation, a mastery of media and technology, and organizational and analytical skills (skills which she has demonstrated to me in other contexts as well). More than 100 professional women participate in her programs and she hosts a popular weekly television show that addresses working women’s issues. Dr. Brezinski’s own history in developing both business (psychological counseling, educational consulting, health care products and services) and public service and advocacy have made her advice and guidance to others highly credible. Dr. Brezinski is also an experienced educator, engaging teacher and educational consultant. She has advised members of Congress and state departments of education on educational policy. She currently teaches at PVCC as well as the Albemarle Adult School and runs Start-Up business workshops and Parenting Classses. She is a person of ideas, ideals and character. Her insights into human and societal behavior are often deep and original.”

kunjKunj Pathak PhD, Engaging Application Scientist ★ Science Communication Expert ★ Virologist “I write this letter for Dr. Daria Brezinski. Dr. Brezinski is a rare leader with versatile demonstrated talent. She has overcome tremendous challenges in her career and her life. She is a role model for entrepreneurs, women who want to become stronger in their lives and anybody who want to succeed in their lives be it the relationship or in career or any other thing.

I was her student in the class she teaches on “How to start your own business”. She had performed excellent research on her material and demonstrated her extraordinary teaching ability. The class was of very high quality and was also important for improving the understanding of novel aspects of entrepreneurship that is missed by most of the pedagogical teachers or programs. As a Ph.D. scientist myself, I could totally relate to her methodological way of introducing difficult topics and gradually developing hypotheses and collaborate with every student to come up with solutions.

Dr. B is very well trained in psychology as well. Daria is also a super talented networker where she gives warmth and adds values to the persons she is talking to instead of asking anything. She is also an expert in social media and its utility for businesses. There is no media portal be it LinkedIn, FB, twitter or TV and radio that she has not only properly utilized but also taught about. One of the most impressive traits of Dr. Daria Brezinski is she is a strong proponent of sustainable, healthy and green living. She started the first earth friendly store in the US. She believes in the famous Gandhian philosophy of “be the change you want to see”. One example of her lifestyle is that she has achieved her goal of reducing household garbage to almost nothing. Her genuine passion for helping the businesses in this area was well resonated with the Chambers different counties here and she has received membership from all of them. In summary, I believe that Dr. Daria B is an extraordinarily talented personality, a psychologist, a mentor, a businesswomen and fighter who has made, and will continue to make, substantial contributions to our society. I will be pleased to provide any additional information that might be helpful”

AAEAAQAAAAAAAATTAAAAJDUyNzUxMTMxLTU2MjItNDdjZi1iYjkyLTVlNWUwNTAzZmNhNwMeredith O’Leary: Owner, Mere’s Dog Care Services of Charlottesville. I was a student for Dr. Daria Brezinski’s course, “How to Start Your Own Business or Be Better at the One You Have” at Piedmont Virginia Community College. It was a six-week scheduled course, and the material covered and skills learned were invaluable to me! When I began the course, I already owned a pet care business, and had plans for a future business. I had hit a brick wall, was unsure what more to do to grow my current business to sustainability, and the future project seemed too big to wrap my head around planning. Looking back, Dr. Brezinski and her course were probably the only things that could save me from myself; they propelled me forward, and I feel so much more secure in both my path and my abilities.

Dr. Brezinski is knowledgeable, understanding and perceptive of each student’s needs. She has a vast knowledge-base for business (best of all, from experience of her own), and a large professional network. She takes the time to evaluate each individual, assess their needs, and to work with them on a personal level to rise above what is holding them back. For many, that means logistics and know-how; for me, it was personal beliefs about myself. The course increased my confidence and drive, and I have been more productive and positive since taking it. Dr. B connected me with mentors within my business field, helped me realize my visions for my businesses, put me in touch with reputable professionals whom I may need in my ventures, and gave me the tools I need to create business plans, smart goals, marketing plans and budgets. Before this course, I was a person who loved taking care of pets, and owned a business doing so. Since completing it, I am a business owner who is capable of completing all of my work, and envisioning all of my dreams.

The mere fact that you are reading this letter likely means that you are ready for this course. If you want to develop your plans for being an entrepreneur, or simply see if you have what it takes, this course is the right one for you! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Brezinski and this course to anyone who is tired of working for others, but unsure of starting their own venture. Regardless of what you decide about beginning a business, you will be wiser and more enthusiastic in all areas of your life after working with Dr. Brezinski! If you have any questions or concerns, I am happy to speak about this further. You may reach me at meresdogcare@gmail.com

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbYAAAAJDdiZDllODRlLTUyYmEtNDc1MC1hMTQwLTFlM2JhMjBjZTYyNQJanice V. Clifton: Owner : The Clifton Innnn

Dr. Daria M. Brezinski Ph.D. is one of the most educated, giving, understanding women I have ever met. Her spirit reflects her genuine goal of making everyone gain insight into their best self. If you have the opportunity to connect with her you will be blessed by her.

25ed71bJohn McClean: Director: Central Virginia Business Owners
“Daria is a great resource. She has spoken several times at our network meetups; a to-the-point, engaging speaker with experience and insights”.

Shari-alone Shari Zimmerman; former PA House of Representatives
“For the past 18.5 years that I’ve known Daria, it’s with great pleasure that I recommend her. Daria’s business instincts allow her to anticipate marketing opportunities. Her communicative skills are exceptional. In addition to producing her own TV and radio broadcasts, her lectures and writings have received wide distribution. Aside from the business aspect of Daria’s background, her teaching skills are noteworthy. Before I retired with 25 years of service with the PA House of Representatives, I witnessed first hand Daria’s passionate and assertive nature while collaborating with my boss and other members of the PA Legislature on several educational issues with various State Agencies and educational associations. At the same time, she exhibited her sharp analytical and organizational skills as well”.

HPIM3858James R. Ward Ph.D. Michigan State University, Agricultural Economics; Current Publisher and Editor of Echo
“I have known Daria Brezinski for about 12 years and have been in communication with her regularly. I have been very impressed with her enterprises and projects in the community which has been her principal focus. One of her most impressive endeavors was the development of a large skate board park in Charlottesville to which the Charlottesville City Council initially took vigorous exception. Now the Council is one of its chief backers and thousands of children use it. Dr. Brezinski was instrumental in initiating a recycling program in Charlottesville and creating Earthwise, an ecologically oriented store on the Downtown Mall. She also started an Holistic Health Center. Her principal areas of concentration are women’s issues, children’s education, and mentoring local enterprises including my own, (Echo, for which she also wrote articles, as she has done for national magazines), the Senior Center, the local Autism Association and others. She initiated her own local Public Access television program devoted particularly to the support of the activities of women in the community. Currently Dr. Brezinski is currently teaching entrepreneurship, largely to business professionals, at the Piedmont Valley Community College in Charlottesville. She has also taught at the Albemarle County Adult School. Her earlier activities included testifying before Congressional Committees and the UN on the subject of educational policies.In brief, Dr.Brezinski clearly has organizational skills and the passion to see them through along with other skills such as strategic planning, a focus on detail and a sensitivity to her clients’ agendas”.

33d9702Tracy M. Meade:Retirement and Estate Planning, Life and Disability Insurance, Annuities and Investments
“What a pleasure it has been to join Daria’s network of wise women! How comforting to have joined a group of women who enjoy sharing their lives, the ups and the downs, in such a nurturing and nonjudgmental cocoon. I look forward to our monthly lunches and have encouraged many of my friends to join the circle of wise women as well.”

144e8d3Stefan Trip: Manager/Chief Instructor BEI International Black Belt Center of Virginia
“I moved this year from Berlin to Charlottesville to take over a Business. I met Daria a while ago and she helped me a lot with difficult Business questions and some legal issues too. She is just a great person and very professional. And trust me …I am German! I know what professional is ;)”

0b39d68Michelle James; CEO, The Center for Creative Emergence; Founder, Capitol Creativity Network and Cville Creativity Network
“When I first moved to Charlottesville, I had many people tell me I must meet Daria, whom I was fortunate to meet within my first 2 weeks here. She immediately made me feel welcomed and informed…and that is still how she is 15 months later. Daria is an amazing and generous resource and a wealth of knowledge. She is professional, wise, and also a life-long learner which keeps her thinking fresh and creative. What stands out even more in my mind is her unwavering and true desire an commitment to help, teach, mentor, guide, and support others. And she excels at it.”

20acdaaDaniel Stein; Resource and Program Coordinator at Jefferson Area Board for Aging (JABA)

“Daria Brezinski is a very well-spoken leader in the field of Soft Skills. Her presence alone is enough to make you feel safe and comfortable sharing your true self. Daria has a great ability to share stories from her personal experience which are relevant to the lessons she is teaching. If you have been curious about enhancing your social skills, employ-ability, the success of your personal business, or any other socially-relevant aspect of your life I would highly recommend taking a course with Daria. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, married or single, an old child or a young adult; Daria will support your path to mastery. Her skill-set is highly diverse and incorporates a lifetime of knowledge and experience in entrepreneurialism and teaching. Her view of the world and education is a dynamic one and includes theories from the far reaches of the globe. Daria is not limited by the confines of the American Education System and therefore has the ability to break through barriers and get the heart and soul of what she is really teaching.”

0009338Carrie Rountrey; Doctoral Candidate, Adjunct Instructor at James Madison University
“Daria organizes a networking group with a new and different perspective, geared towards women in the Charlottesville area. Women are encouraged to share WHO they are and, only within that context, what they do. The force of positivity and support that comes from recognizing each other as fellow human beings and powerful women outside of our professional positions is amazing. I always leave feeling empowered and like I made a contribution. I’m now working with some of these women on collaborative projects outside my own profession that may never have been possible without this group. Thanks, Daria, for being the one to organize our gatherings. I believe that if it had not been for you, many of us would have still been in our professional niches and not looking to outside influences for collaboration, support and encouragement.”

2c2744cDavid Henry Boisvert; Sales Manager Southern Development Homes“Daria’s expertise is vast and she is an inspiration to many. Her television show, blogs and training courses have impacted so many in the Charlottesville area and around the world. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Daria for over two years; we initially met in my Mastermind Group for speakers and trainers where she was an active member and shared a vast amount of knowledge with the group. She continues to amaze me with her energy, positive attitude, and professionalism.”

286333dMargreta Swanson; Member of Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor Group
“Daria is a successful host because she comes prepared and has a genuine interest in the individuals she interviews and the topics she covers. She is an educator and truly cares about women.”

36a06c4Avery Chenoweth; Radical Doubt, author
“Daria is a woman of amazing energy, will, direction and accomplishment. Regardless of the endeavor, she assumes authority and exercises it with intelligence and discretion, and, above all else, makes things happen. At no time has she given anything less than 110 percent of herself to the big project at hand, and she delivers every time, without hesitation or excuse. She is friendly, insightful, full of humor, and empathy, a great person to guide your team, or to brain storm about the possibilities that lie ahead”.

Drake Van de Castle; Associate Broker at Sloan/Manis Real Estate Partners
“Daria is someone who brings a powerful combination of passion from the heart with a wealth of knowledge that makes a difference in her many local and national efforts”.


HPIM1862Cheryl Hopkins; Kohl’s Buyer
“If Daria’s expertise was in one area alone that would be impressive enough. Her expertise whether in psychotherapy, coaching, establishing a successful cutting edge business, guerrilla marketing or social media is a valuable encyclopedia resource. I highly recommend her as your go-to business/life success coach. It was a terrific presentation with lots of useful info.”

Ronald Reeker; owner CASAROCK TRAVEL
“the event with daria was fantastic. everyone should attend her classes or whenever she speaks. she has the experience and knowledge to know how to develop your business and make it successful. it was a great opportunity, and i am glad i has had the chance to me daria. she is an amazing lady.”

John McLean:Central Virginia Business Owners
“I encourage anyone to follow up… in the class with Daria @ PVCC.”

Roxanne Louise; small business owner
“I am thrilled that Daria, for whom I have the greatest respect, is offering her knowledge to assist us all!”

Victoria Carter Poindexter; small business owner
” Daria, Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday! I gathered some very useful tips that I’m already putting into practice. I look forward to connecting both on social media and around town. Warmly,”

Karen J. Kehoe, small business owner
“Incredible seminar on Social media web and more by you today. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge! Continued success to you! We all learned so much from you “the expert”!

Pamela Donnelly, small business owner
Daria: YOU ARE A DYNAMO! It’s really good for me to know you; thanks!


Businesspeople Shaking Hands
Casarella, Joseph: Superintendent Wyoming Area Schools, PA
There has been nothing but positive feedback…Thank you for doing the in-service for us and you are welcome back again anytime.

Collins, Michael: Healthy Home Inc., Charlottesville, VA
For many years, I have known Daria Brezinski in a business capacity. As owner of Earthwise, she created a flourishing business with cutting edge technology. As an advisory member of the Sustainability Committee on Marketing, she contributed information to the community reflecting her expertise in marketing. As president of Earthheart Foundation, she has been working with local merchants to draft a plan for this region with respect to sustainability in business. Her energy, enthusiasm, integrity and keen business insights have enabled her to be a successful businesswoman.

Cresler, Richard, III: Yo Boxer
Daria Brezinski has worked with me in various business deal;ings and I have found her to be intelligent, hard working and honest. Daria’s design skills helped us come up with appropriate products for the ‘earth friendly’ environment. While employed at Upline, Daria was instrumental in encouraging us to design and manufacture products for their catalog. Ultimately, this resulted in a long term and prosperous relationship.

DiPalma, Michael, N.D: Life Creations Family Center, Phil, PA
In workshops, Daria utilizes creative and innovative methods to provide a very illuminating and enjoyable experience. Her methods integrate a varied approach of intuition, life experience and obvious extensive reading and research background. Daria and I have worked together in private session with patients. It is through these experiences that come to know her as being very competent, insightful and effective psychotherapist with children, individuals and whole families. She has an understanding of family dynamics achieving harmony through communication skills. She re-patterns adult behavior and has in-depth understanding of child development. I know Daria as a person of great integrity, high moral and social responsibility and a sincere interest in helping humanity.

Esbri, Loida: Commonwealth of PA, Commission for Women
All of our Child Care Hearings are concluded and I wanted to personally thank you for your time, energy, effort and interest in testifying at our hearing. We sincerely appreciate your input. Please know that your statements and recommendations will be seriously considered by the PA Commission for Women as we examine all the testimonies and prepare our report to agencies and departments.

Garland, Peter: PA State Board of Education
Thank you again for heightening our awareness and understanding on the need to think differently about the structure and process of education. Your proposal to employ new models for the preparation and development of teachers more able address the needs of student learners holds great promise.

Griffiths, Gilbert, EDD: Superintendent Dallas Public Schools
Your presentation on Successful Public Schools provided an insight into the number of educational areas of concern. Our teachers have commented on the opportunity to view a progressive school in action and to bring back ideas that might be incorporated in our educational process.

Hendricks, David: Bell Atlantic, Inc.
On behalf of Bell Atlantic, I would like to thank you for the research and development of the prototype model of education for public schools in the 21st century. The Eartheart Model is an exciting opportunity to explore a new venue and paradigm shift in the way children and adults experience learning. restructuring the educational system in the US is a formidable task. Observing the years and time of Eartheart’s exploration to find a successful model reflects the fortitude and commitment of your mission. Bell Atlantic acknowledges and concurs with these goals and objectives as an organization and congratulates you in successfully claiming support from the PA Department of Education for your endeavors.

Warnstrom, Ingemar: Holma College, Board President, Sweden
Holma College of Holistic Studies is proud to have Dr. Daria M. Brezinski as interim president. Dr. Brezinski has demonstrated the highest standards that exemplify our institution. We look forward to incorporating her integrative model into our curriculum.

Kanjorski, Paul: US Congressman, (D) PA
…I am constantly impressed in the accomplishments of so many Northeastern Pennsylvanians especially as demonstrated by you and your family. I enjoyed our conversation regarding your impressive research and ideas on the way to improve the educational system. I could not agree more that students and teachers must be well prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century. I want to commend you for all of your work that you have already undertaken to make these projects a reality. I look forward to working with you on these projects.

Kay, Robert, M.D. Life Guidance Services, Phil, PA
I have observed the sensitive way in which Dr. Brezinski negotiated and mediated normal conflicts between children. She has consistently revealed herself to be a bright and sensitive and psychologically sophisticated person who has an excellent grasp of family dynamics, group process and how to help people meet their needs within the parameters of the social structure.

Larkins, David: Director PA Department of Corrections
…The teachers were extremely pleased with your presentation and your understanding of the challenges they face daily. They reported that the interaction between you and them was spirited and informative. I close with appreciation for your efforts to assist our teachers in meeting the educational needs of our populations.

MacDowell, Michael, PhD: President Misericordia University
The conference was fascinating and very informative. It gave Misericordia more visibility than we could have every hoped for. Your attention to detail during and following the conference helped make it a success.

Mourad, Diana, Esq:
Daria has a knack for knowing what people need before they know they need it.

McIlhattan, Fred, PA Representative
As a Representative of the House Education Committee, I would like to acknowledge the vast research and development of educational issues you displayed to House members and the Department of education. The sound principals demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the problems and more importantly, the solutions, educators must employ for the next century. This state is in need of more individuals and groups that take a decisive action and active interest in solving these issues. With the co-operation of the department of education, the program you have developed can become the prototype model for schools across the nation. I look forward to working with you towards that goal.

Mullany, John: ED Chair, Misericordia University An outstanding student by every measure!

Namey, Dr. Jeffrey: Super Wilkes-Barre Public Schools, PA
The members of Eartheart Foundation are very fortunate to have your talents at their service.

Parker, Sheldon, Esq.: Parker and DeStefano
This testimony is in reference to Ms. Brezinski proven experience in Mediation within the area of Domestic Relations. It has been my experience that she has demonstrated excellent skills in reaching satisfactory agreements with parties who were in dispute. Her ability in mediation comes from a natural aptitude in communication and active listening skills.

Pearce, Joseph Chilton, author Magical Child
Daria has been a co-presenter with me in a number workshops for parents, teachers and has proven capable, insightful and intuitive, with an empathy and compassion for others that is extraordinary. Those attending our workshops and lectures are invariably impressed and her presentation skills, her understanding of parent-child issues and her heartfelt interest in their personal problems.

Perrone, Tony, Superintendent Nanticoke Area Schools
I am writing to thank you for the dynamic in-service you presented to our teachers. The material was presented in such a way that it was both meaningful and interesting. Your comments on the History of education, where we come from, where we are going stimulated conversation and gave teachers a great deal of food for thought. Your presentation not onoy showed the importance of active participation in learning, it showed us we could develop our own curriculum without the use of textbooks. I personally was most impressed with the hands on work done by our teachers and the effective manner in which you presented and handled your materials.

Rohrer, Sam E: Chairman PA House of Rep
I would like to thank you for your willingness to testify before our select subcommittee on education.

Shivetts, Thomas: Director The PA Association of Elementary and Secondary Schools
The Pennsylvania Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals wish to express gratitude for your time and expertise in a presentation at the state conference.

Specter, Arlen, US Senator, (D) PA
I am writing on behalf of Dr. Daria M. Brezinski, President of Integrated Learning systems, for funding on the expansion and implementation of a program designed to integrate Pennsylvania classrooms through computer technology. Accordingly, the initiative will enhance the accessibility of Pennsylvania teachers to innovative and diverse educational resources.

Squires, William, M.D. Richmond Medical Center

Dr. Brezinski helped broaden my understanding of healing far beyond the bounds of medicine. She was a guide who introduced me to many alternative forms of medicine and offered an opportunity for directly experiencing them. She is blessed with a keen intellect which is matched by her curiosity and energy. She has been a catalyst for change. Dr. Brezinski is a teacher of the highest caliber. However, as with all teachers, they are only as effective as their students receptiveness and willingness to learn how to learn. Dr. Brezinski ignites this. She understands that regardless of the subject, the real teaching is that of inquiry. As a teacher, she understands that the goal of real teaching is the independence of students. Dr. Brezinski helped me open my mind and learn how to ask real questions. Being a passionate student, she is, therefore, a passionate and effective teacher. Her experience and interests are broad and diverse. There is no doubt she has taught many, directly and through example, how to think outside the box and will continue to do so, sharing her talents and her heart from much broader platform.

Thomas, Mark: WVIA Radio
WVIA public radio is excited to work with you to bridge the gap between the local news media and the area schools.

Treherne, Dr. Virginia, Dean Philadelphia Community College
I met Daria when she was a holistic educator at the Wissahicken Health Center. Listening to her expressed interest in children, how they learn, her holistic approach to child development on her radio talk show, I was deeply impressed. I have since attended sessions at Life Creations Center where she lectured parents about children, their needs, how they grow and develop and the importance of a caring environment. I was impressed with her knowledge of the history of education and current educational practices from around the world and how to draw from these. She put together s total education package for creating healthy lifestyle changes for families. Daria devotes much time and energy to continued research in the holistic area. Daria was one of the greatest assets for planning our College health Fair. She is one of the most creative, productive, conscientious, committed, organized, warm and caring individuals I have ever known. She has a deep perspective of children and their needs.

Haman, Taj: President WANGO: Sec General, World Association of Non-Governmental Org
Welcome Eartheart Foundation to the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations.

Uruguay: Ultimas Notices: Iturralde, Dr. Gregorio Rivero
Dr. Daria M. Brezinski spoke before the United Nations on educational matters. She has demonstrated mastery and knowledge of various topics on education.

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