Alternate Perspective

Boxes-A PoemCouple with moving boxes.

We TRAVEL in boxes

We WORK in boxes

We SLEEP in boxes

We EAT in and out of boxes

We PLAY in boxes

We LEARN in boxes

We PURCHASE goods in boxes

We receive GIFTS in boxes

We CLASSIFY things in boxes by naming and categorizing them

We WATCH and LISTEN to technology in boxes all day

Even when we PLAY with a ball, it’s usually in a box


We can’t Think, Feel, See, Imagine or Believe


By Daria M. Brezinski in Sacred Identity; A Poetry Book


The US Health Care System is accountable for curing not caring! The system is wrought with specialists performing crisis management and just enough, just in time quick fixes. On the other hand, WELLNESS is participatory, preventative and assumes patient responsibility for well-being and maintaining equilibrium. Each person is unique and requires more than cookie cutter treatments. WELLNESS seeks balance of body, mind, spirit, emotion and ecology in unison and harmony through predominantly natural means like herbs, supplements, laughter, joy, spiritual happiness, In WELLNESS, the practitioner is a ‘tour guide’, cheer leader and mentor rather than the ultimate decision maker. The client defines the plan, sets the course and assumes responsibility for well-being. Silence, quiet, stillness are as important as action when nature strives to assume equilibrium, its desired course.

Man getting a massage

Sacrenology affirms that the most fragile, sensitive aspects of life may well be the most important. WELLNESS employs techniques, philosophies and traditions from common sense practices (like good nutrition and eating healthy) and ancient methodologies (like meditation or massage) whose results, for the most part, are immeasurable by  modern testing apparatus.  These include but are not exclusive to herbs, supplements, oils, body manipulation and energy shifting.

‘Alternative’ therapies honor the ‘sacredness’, the ‘subtle’ and ‘overt’ invisible energies. Although many of the modalities cannot be effectively verified by science, the number of participants across the globe is testament to its relevance and effectiveness. Because of the exploding holistic health industry and because patients are demanding alternatives to the allopathic, Integrative Medicine (a combination of Western and Eastern) is incorporated into many mainstream hospitals and clinics The general areas of interest include the integration of:  Body Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Environmental Intelligence, Holistic Dentistry, Mind Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence. In WELLNESS, the respond-ability or responsibility is transferred to the patient not the medical practitioner. Consequently, the practitioner must relate to the patient not mechanically or with superiority but rather on a more personal level. This invites a relationship between all parties where healing and well being encompass a wide range of phenomena.

Some Techniques Associated With Wellness Strategies

Acupuncture, Acupressure, Alexander technique, Allergy Prevention, Angels, Animal Health, Aromatherapy, Art Therapy, astrology, Aura photography, Ayurveda, BodyTalk, Bowen therapy, Breathe Therapy, Channeling, Chiron, Chiropractics, Clairvoyance, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Color Therapy, Counseling, Crystals, Dance Movement, Detoxification, Dowsing, Dreams, Earth Energies, Emotional Therapy, energetic balancing, Feldenkrais, Feng Shui, Flower Essences, Bach Flower remedies, Goddess knowledge, Hand Writing Analysis, Herbology, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, I Ching, Inner Work, Intuition, Iridology, Kinesiology, Life Coaching, Massage, Meditation, Music Therapy, Naturopathy, NLP, Numerology, Nutrition Therapy, Palmistry, Past Life regression, Pranic Healing, Psychic Art, Psychic Awareness, Psychotherapy, Qi Gong, Rebirthing, Reflexology,  Reiki, Rolfing, Sex Therapy, Shamanism, Shiatsu, Sound Healing, Tai Chi, Tantra, Tao, Tarot, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, Vegetarianism, Vibrational Healing, Yoga.

Known and Unknown

How can science dismiss ANY form of alternate or energetic theory or practice as bogus in lieu of not knowing all that exists in the invisible spectrum of the universe? In the vast known SPECTRUM of LIGHT, only a fraction is understood and harnessed for use. There are as yet still aspects which have yet to be discovered. The majority of the spectrum cannot be seen with the eye. This vast sea of energies influences a human being daily, at all times, without being individually felt, dissected or consciously isolated for practical use. We know, understand and utilize x-rays, ultraviolet rays, radio waves and microwaves but these are only a minute fraction of the energies of the spectrum. Open minded exploration is critical and essential in the healing, well-being process to recapture and maintain EQUILIBRIUM AND VIBRANCY.