Introduction To Sacronology©™

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”  Goethe


Sacronology ©™ is the study of the ALIVENESS and ‘sacred’ everywhere and in all things while integrating that knowledge into daily life.

Housed within all systems are both tangible (measurable; body) quantities and intangible (not-measurable; thoughts or emotions) qualities. These systems are whole within themselves, yet can be reduced to smaller parts. For example, in the complex organism of the body, metabolic energy transforms fats and sugars, bioelectrical energy influences the heart and brain and bio-photonic energy is located in the cells. How these various energies are interwoven, not to mention the emotional and spiritual energies, are not considered in modern medicine that views the body as a machine with gears and parts to be replaced, replicated and removed or repaired rather than as a whole system. In mathematics, the number ONE can be divided into ½’s of ½’s and will always be a part of the original ONE no matter how many times it is broken or divided.

These whole systems also have the ability to interact with other whole systems running parallel, intersecting, nesting, influencing and interacting with each other. These infinite interactions are what form diversity. HOWEVER, Sacronology demonstrates that it is the INTANGIBLE qualities of life in the universe that are more abundant, pronounced, prevalent and influential than those that are seen, observed and measurable.  The intangible is process and invisible while the tangible is crystallized and stagnant.

Aliveness Factor

The fundamental principle of life is ALIVENESS. Without it, organic matter would cease to exist. This aliveness, spirit or invisible energy is the driving, divining force of the universe. As a child, Daria Brezinski wondered what the edges of the universe looked like; how the universe begin; what the true nature of God is; why was the anthropomorphic God both kind and vengeful; why did God allow children to suffer and die or be in pain; why was life unfair; where do we really go when we die; why are we here on earth?After a personal journey, traveling and researching the globe for solutions to personal, professional, educational, medical and spiritual dilemmas, a multitude of non-conventional alternatives presented themselves. Profoundly simple and effective in resolving the issues that affect daily life, a new perspective on God, the all-that-is and the way the universe works, became clear. The unknown and the unknowable are capable of being understood as long as a non-anthropomorphic (not described in human characteristics like emotions and thoughts) perspective to the macrocosm and microcosm as well as the mesocosm is acknowledged and appreciated.

Russian Nesting Dolls

The difference between Sacronology and other theories is that the latter are based on ‘nesting’ patterns like the Russian nesting dolls or an onion one layer inside the other. In the Living Energy Universe, Drs. Gary Schwartz and Linda Russek state ‘it is possible to organize the entire universe in terms of nested levels of systems, from micro to the macro”. However, Sacronology recognizes that there is a romantic dance going on in the universe. Systems are not closed like nesting dolls. Human interaction and interweaving all the time from every direction and every angle. When we interact with others, for example, our opinions or beliefs or feelings are influenced, altered or maintained depending on a variety of factors.

Sacronology is the study and application of these interactions, processes and classifications attributed to the ‘aliveness’ of all living things with unending reverence to those things invisible. Modern society and culture has opted for materialism, dogma, capitalism, mechanistic ideologies and principles which predominates in the Western world. In the process, humanity has lost its soul and spirit to the secular. Yet, it would appear that the intangibles far outweigh the material.

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