Vibrant Living

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Personal Power Regained

“Both in importance and time, health precedes disease. Therefore, we ought to consider first how health may be preserved, and then how one may best cure disease.”  Galen


The vanguard for Vibrant Living is to master control over your own life by recognizing, assimilating and/or dismissing the opinions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and theories of ALL others and finding your own voice, passions and direction.  Unfortunately, society conveys this action as anti-social, anti-family and anti-conformity. Rather, through acknowledgment, gratitude and thankfulness, one outgrows the outdated ideologies, re-asses them and transforms them into something more cogent, relevant and meaningful to the soul. THIS is freedom!

How did this loss of personal control evolve? The notion of separation (from God, from nature, from our own bodies, compartmentalization of our work, family, feelings or thoughts) and loss of control to the master, ‘expert’ or professional (who have more knowledge and expertise) fueled the dilemma. Once someone else is granted the permission to assume ‘control over’, personal loss is immanent. When humans are elevated to the status of gods because of knowledge, expertise, experience or position, personal power is relinquished to the authority giving unearned submission to control. This includes, but not exclusive to, parents, teachers, politicians, spouses, children, doctors, accountants, attorneys, friends, clergy, bosses and other professionals. NO ONE has the right to dominate another.

Historical Perspective

For many centuries, the Cartesian concept has relegated:

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  • human physiology to a machine or a clock
  • the mind separate from the body and bodily functions
  • organs working in isolation from each other
  • cybernetics, where body parts are replaceable
  • symptoms treated in isolation with medications
  • a new vocabulary of ‘aggressive tactics’ ‘fighting’ and ‘attacking’ a dis-ease
  • separateness and compartmentalization is institutionalized
  • the human being to a ‘disease’, a battlefield or a scientific experiment instead of a living, spiritual organism

The logical outcome of a mentality for individuals, groups and nations that treats the human being and its conditions in isolation is to accept that categorization as the individual struggles with an overwhelming sense of feeling alone. In conjunction with this, institutions arise and become crystallized out of exclusionary knowledge possession, domination and authority. The ‘allopathic’ treatment of medicine and the ‘specialist’ were born out of this hierarchical pyramid concept. ‘Separation, compartmentalization and studying aspects of humanity in isolation’ became the norm- psychology, neurology, cardiology. Power is relinquished to banks, politicians, professionals, authority figures of every persuasion. Historically, this is not the first time authority figures have dominated either by force or acquisition of knowledge. Like the clergy in the Catholic Church, the military or dictatorial leadership, using fear, force and violence, proclaiming rightful, all-powerful sovereignty leads to the inevitable corruption and demise of the individual and/or group or organization.

Claiming and reclaiming personal power through positive, healthy, values and morally driven means is key to VIBRANCY!

Classical medicine of the Greeks was ‘allopathic’- using remedies that produce effects different than those produced by disease yet in a humane context. Classical medicine of the East was spiritual with a focus on energy systems. In Europe, when Christianity dominated the political scene and the medical field, life expectancy was affected as people only lived to the average age of 30. Initially when the scientific community infiltrated medicine, life expectancy was lengthened utilizing both allopathic and homeopathic (like cures like symptoms- such as snake venom in small doses for snake bites).  In conjunction with the decline of religion, modern Western capitalistic medicine morphed into precise classifications, definitions and mapping of specific biological systems and ‘fields’ for expediency reducing the body to mechanistic modalities. Symptoms are alleviated through ‘attacking, fighting’, mostly invasive, manmade remedies (prescription drugs) and techniques (surgery). Nowhere is the soul, spirit, dignity or humane treatment of all acknowledged in this position.

By contrast, complementary or alternative medicine is based on subtle, spiritual and gentle techniques utilizing ‘energy transfer’ (thermal, tactile and otherwise) across acupuncture meridians, channels and points allowing the body to heal itself through nudging (acupuncture), humane (massage), serene (meditation), recognizable(homeopathic) approaches. One offers quick, aggressive fixes, the other slow methodical ‘natural’ processes. Modern medicine is interested in a select few systems with ‘experts’ at the helm while complementary medicine is open and embraces all.


‘Health’ has become an industry, a business and as such, has lost the ‘personal’, caring and soul-filled connection. Medical professionals become anesthetized by the assembly-line, mechanical treatment of people. The health industry (physicians, insurance companies, hospitals), whose clients are fueled by fear of death, incapacitation, mistakes and transgressions, manipulate the vulnerable and weak to succumb to the ‘advice’ of experts in order to forestall the inevitable and natural. Quantity of life takes president over quality of life. Complication overrides simplicity. Exploitation is inevitable when control is relinquished. Human life cannot be defined as separate, boxed, classified, categorized, measured and marginalized any more than one frame of a movie conveys the entire message of the film.

Compartmentalization is a myth. The body displays an intelligence and a memory down to the cellular level. For example, when a child experiences violence, the memory lingers throughout life and affects behavior in some fashion possibly compromising the immune system, emotional balance or spiritual fragility. When a close family member or friend is at the brink of death, individuals exhibit incoherent mental acuity on the job or at school as the emotions are intertwined and affect the mind, behavior and functions. In addition, spirituality (or lack of it) affects the fears and hopes, dreams and thoughts of every individual. The body, mind, spirit and emotions are all interconnected and affect each other at every level of existence.

What are the consequences of theologians and scientists playing God and altering the natural order? How many generations will it take to find out? The physicist studying subatomic particles, the astrologer studying the stars, the psychic channeling the spirit and the chemist studying the composition of blood all aide in the dimension of co-creating with God in profound ways directing, managing, supervising and influencing lives. Much like church representatives, these professionals and individuals have a long held belief that they have power over life and can defer death. In consort with the educational system, for example, the medical profession is creating generations of drug addicts through the use of mood suppressing drugs dispensed in the schools. These conditions are creating children who will forever be consumers for the pharmaceutical industry, the medical profession AND most importantly, will be able to be “controlled” due to the sublimation of the libido through the mind altering drugs. Are people thinking about the consequences of their relinquishment?

The gift of prolonging life and aiding nature in its path to healing has been forever redirected and must be reclaimed to ensure wellness, well-being and health of nations.The natural order is compromised by the notion of separation with the introduction of synthetic concoctions injected, inhaled and/or oral, pharmaceuticals, preservatives and pesticides that have altered genetics, diminished natural immunities and rendered the human body foreign from its own natural environment. Is it any wonder that children become school killers after consuming a cocktail of psychotropic drugs or that mothers drawn their children? The time has come for the natural order to return, one way or another. As nature has a way of reclaiming itself, like the weeds and vines that overtake concrete walls and sidewalks, natural order will regain a foothold triumphant again.

Naming Imbalance, Disequalibrium, An Illness OR Not?

The medical establishment condemns ‘fringe’ practices and technologies.  The outcry is generally precipitated when a practitioner hails supplements over prescription drugs; non-invasive procedures over surgery (chiropractors); good nutrition and prevention over medical intervention (nutritionists and trainers); or self-discovery and self-diagnosis over medical procedures (self-help industry). Public pressure and economics are turning the tide from the allopathic to more integrated approach.

Allopathic medicine is defined by ‘naming’, mapping and ‘defining’ an illness. But is ‘naming’ a dis-ease really essential for physiological well-being?  Is it important to know you have cancer, a heart condition or diabetes? Is defining multiple diseases, requiring multiple simultaneous prescriptions and multiple treatments i.e. liver disease (whose medication causes) depression with diabetes (whose medication causes) fluid retention with headaches (whose medication causes) nausea with infection, a reflection of health ‘care’ or medical sell-out with each succeeding drug causing yet another symptom to be medicated? Is ‘defining’ the illness (presumably for the sake of replication of treatment) more important than measuring the subtle energies? When the body is viewed as a composite, unified in spirit, emotion, thought, action, environment and habitude and not a disease to be named, cured, drugged, attacked or poked, other indicators are important such as heat emanation. Any treatment requires the healing of multiple layers of mind (changing thoughts), body (changing diet or exercise), spirit (changing beliefs), psyche (changing habitudes), environment (changing imbalance and chaos) and emotion (changing feelings). To do otherwise, that is, focus merely on the ‘quick fix’ physical through invasive surgery or the emotional with drugs, would result in the recurrence (as cancer often does) sublimation or non-resolution of the root cause (like pulling a dandelion flower with the root system intact).

Human beings are so busy ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’ and have sublimated to authority figures so that the quiet signals of the body instead go unnoticed until overt symptoms are displayed like skin eruptions or pain. The body dies from the inner and lower regions upward starting at the first or second chakra or the sexual, elimination organs and elimination systems like the colon. Cardiac issues are a sign that problems exist elsewhere in the body like the teeth or immune system. When control over our own bodies is reestablished and we share in the responsibility of well-being, when our body is acknowledged for being a group of whole, interacting systems, when we take the time to care for our being as a house for the sacred, VIBRANT LIVING is the result!