Will Voice Driven Interfaces Disconnect Us From True Knowledge

bitcoin-network“Artificial Intelligence and electronic gadgetry in its various forms, is already having an affect on the human condition. Among the millennials in my clientele, signs towards skill competence that meld, bind and secure a civilization are on the decline in work, relationships and personal experience. Among these are Creativity, Executive Skills, Time Management, Relationship, Cognitive Flexibility, Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal and Social as well as Language Processing and Communication. More importantly, more refined aptitudes are going unnoticed such as depth of vision and perception, hand-eye coordination, boundary issues, discrimination and discernment skills. In my view, a closer look at autistic youth and young adults, especially high functioning Aspergers whom I see on a daily basis, are the ‘cannery in the coal mine’ forewarning humanity of things to come. Autism has a definitive marker in the lack of social and interpersonal skills as well as all of the above aforementioned aptitudes. With each successive generation of individuals who are lacking, there are less and less healthy role models for children to exemplify while there is more technology to consume that detracts from the formation, practice and mastery of these imperative processes.”
Forbes Magazine Article