• Psychologist
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Professor
  • Socially Responsible Serial Entrepreneur
  • Expertise in Soft Skills: Communication, Listening, Discrimination, Boundaries, Time Management, Social, Problem Solving, Anger Management
  • 100% Track Record in Placing Autistic Adults in Jobs and Independent Living
  • TV/Radio Show Host
  • International Speaker and Journalist
  • Cyber Security Psychologist in Social Engineering

Her list of achievements are a representation of her intense curiosity and passion about the many facets of life and can be understood by reading the accolades from other professionals. Rather than living inside-the-box 9 to 5, she is a lifelong learner and has so many diverse interests, expertise and achievements because she followed her passions and teaches others to do the same. It is a life well lived and experienced fully which she shares with others.


This planet emerged from billions of years of interconnecting systems that evolved through trial and error into the reality that exists today. For generations, the guiding belief underlying science, religion, Western culture and other institutions, is that the human experience is separated from the environment (man’s dominion over nature), the various parts of being (body, mind, spirit, emotions) and hence, from ourselves and each other. This segmented, compartmentalized view is the underlying principle of war, strife, disharmony, depression, suffering and declining community living. Rather, there is an interconnectedness to all things. When a tree is planted in the Rain Forest or a child is rescued from a burning building, it affects the world. What happens in one part of the globe, one state, one community, one person, it happens to ALL!


The focus on materialism, external rewards, compensation, success, fame, fortune and finding happiness from everything outside the Self can cause confusion, dislocation and loss of direction. For thousands of years, Indigenous Cultures have rituals and INITIATION practices to embrace the multiple stages of human transition enabling one to find meaning and purpose in life. The recognition and acceptance that failure, disappointment, pain and suffering are all part of this lifetime initiation process towards a deeper, sacred Self, ‘tests’ and stretches the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual prowess. Thus, the EGO is slowly dismantled while the flood gates of the SOUL open, all the while whispering voice to the awake individual.

Spiritual wisdom is imparted to the mature initiate who utilizing the power with discernment. Traditional cultures understood that the soul encapsulates the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Once free of the inhibitions, the Soul signals to the individual a direction and clarity of purpose. However, the loss of these initiation practices in modern society with unlimited access to ancient spiritual knowledge but lacking in wisdom to act (reserved in the past for the privileged few who gained the maturity to posses them) has led to the distortion of spiritual wisdom by individuals who acquire great power while lacking the morals and values necessary to benefit humankind.


Changing perspectives and utilizing daily life as an initiation into the spiritual realms, individuals can learn to view the SACRED in all aspects, all challenges, all joys and sorrows. When a car accident, a divorce, a death, a suffering, a pain is viewed as a ‘test’ to walk through the lessons of perseverance, patience, kindness, compassion, gentleness, fearlessness, courage or love then the life lived is one of the SACRED!

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