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Brezinski was the host of a radio program Children Come First from 1998-2000 on WAAT 750AM, SCRANTON, PA. All related issues regarding children’s lives were discussed: alternative educational models, public education, teacher training, parenting, child development, legislation and politics, intelligences- emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and environmental, holistic medicine and natural remedies.  Guests included local, national and international celebrities. The program has been recorded in its entirety and can be retrieved by clicking on the name of the guest. She has been interviewed on WOGL 98.1 FM PHILADELPHIA, PA several times and on BLOGRADIO and WINA 1070AM which are included below.

Some programs may be multi-part recordings.


Albertine, Susan; Provost Temple University: Progress at Temple University WAAT

Almon, Joan &  Healey, Jane; Endangered Minds and Joan Almon; Alliance for Children WAAT

Backman, Howard; Scotland School for Children of Veterans PA 1999 WAAT

Bartos, Robert; Dean Shippensburg University; The State of Teacher Training and the Direction of the Future WAAT.

Becker, Ruth;  Director of PA Resource Council: Getting Youths Involved in a Total Learning Environment WAAT

Benjamin, Tom M.A.; President Senior Volunteers of America: Involving Elders in the Learning Process WAAT.

Bergson, Peter M.A.; Founder of Open Connections Family Resource Center, Bryn Mar, PA. Family Input in the Educational Process WAAT.

Berne, Dr. Roslyn; Professor of Ethics, University of Virginia: Spirituality and the Classroom; Perils of Career Moms WAAT

Bernstein, Robert M.A.; Principal Wheatly School, NY. The Number One School in North America: The Wheatly School-Within-A-School WAAT.

Bocan, Trent; Principal Mansfield Sr & Jr High; Innovative Strategies Without Additional Funding WAAT

Boeker, John ALA; Architect, PA. Healthy Physical School Environments WAAT

Boyanowski, Ronald; Superintendent Tioga SD; Primary Directions for Education for the 21st Century WAAT

Brezinski, Daria; Children Come First Radio Program WOGL

Brezinski, Daria; Department of Corrections Inmate Discussions WAAT

Brezinski, Daria Volume 1; President Eartheart Foundation, Inc. The Historical Perspectives on Education Today; Where Do We Go From Here? WAAT

Brezinski, Daria Volume 2;. The Historical Perspectives on Education WAAT

Brezinski, Daria; Whole Life Expo Lecture Atlanta; Holographic Education LECTURE

Brezinski, Daria; Whole Life Expo Lecture Baltimore; Education for the 21st Century LECTURE

Brezinski, Daria; Whole Life Expo Ohio: Restructuring Schools for the 21st Century LECTURE

Brezinski, Daria; WOGL Interview; Education for the 21st Century WOGL

Brezinski, Daria; Health Talk; Holistic Health WINA

Brezinski, Daria; Positive Press Interview Education for the Modern World WAAT

Brezinski, Daria; Interview Restructuring Schools 21st Century Whole Life Expo LECTURE

Brezinski, Daria; Holistic Health on Health Talk Radio WINA

Breiseth, Dr. Chris; President Wilkes University; Education for the 21st Century WAAT

Brown, Jerry; Governor California; California Public Education WAAT

Compton, Steve; Environments for Children WAAT

Connely, Ruth; Superintendent – Diocese of Scranton; Pennsylvania Catholic Schools WAAT

Dawson, Christina; Virginia PolyTech, Community Schools WAAT

DiPalma, Michael;  Home Remedies For Children’s Illness WAAT

Dr. Michael DiPalma and Dr. Daria Brezinski;  Holistic Health Interview Hotline Radio WOGL

Farenga. Patrick; President of John Holt Association- Growing Without School: The Importance of Parental Involvement; Home Schooling WAAT

Farenga, Patrick; Second Interview; Home Schooling WAAT

FIRST Students; For Interest & Recognition in Science and Technology, ROBOTOCS WAAT

Fitness for Life Camp Interview PA Children WAAT

Garland, Peter, M.A.; PA School Board Association: How to Advocate Involvement in the Educational Process WAAT

Gentzle, Thomas; PA School Board Association; The Functions of School Boards WAAT

Girstantas, Carrie; Engineering in Environmental for Children WAAT

Goelitz, Jeff; Institute of HeartMath; Heart Intelligence WAAT

Greenburg, Arnie M.A.; Radio Interview Principal Liberty School, Maine; How Do Voucher School Work? How Community Schools Function WAAT.

Haglin, Dr. John; Candidate for Reform Party President; Changes Necessary for Tomorrow’s Child WAAT

Hammond, Bob: Executive Director: FIRST– For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology AND LEGO League WAAT.

Hillman, Arnold; What is an Intermediate Unit? WAAT[

Hurst, Sandy; Principal Upattinas, PA. Alternative Community Schools; 25 Years of Success WAAT

Institute of HeartMath- Jeff Goelitz, M.ED.; Heart-Mind Research and Effects on Stress, Learning and Children. WAAT

Johnson, Roslyn; Philadelphia Federation of Teachers; Status of Philadelphia Education WAAT

Kanjorski, US Congressman Paul; US Congress. Impacting Schools and Families at the Federal Level WAAT

Kaplowitz, Ellen; School in a School WAAT

Kobert, Dr. Robert; Executive Director: Ecologically Sustainable Schools: Pittsburgh WAAT

Lehman, Dr. David; Principal, author and international speaker: The Alternative Community School, Ithaca NY: An Essential School WAAT

Lopez, Dr. Rick; Principal Alternative Community School: Jefferson County Schools Aftermath of Columbine WAAT

Loria, Olivia; Colorado, Western Supervisor from Clonlora School, National Coalition of Alternative Community School WAAT

McCormick, State System of Higher Education; Higher Education in the Modern World WAAT

Mendizza, Michael M.A.; Film Director, Publisher Touch the Future: The Intelligence of Play WAAT.

Mercogliano, Chris; Principal, New York Alternative School; Growing A School WAAT.

Miller, Dr. Ron; Author, International Lecturer: Democratic Education WAAT

Minitz, Jerry; Author, Lecturer, Publisher of AERO: Resources for Parents and Educators from Various Venues; Foreign Projects WAAT.

Montgomery, Dr. Pat; Clonlora School & Distance Learning WAAT

Mundy, Rep. Phyllis; Reforms Programs for Children Under Six and Their Families WAAT

Namey, Jeff;  Wilkes-Barre Public Schools Superintendent WAAT

Parister, Emmanuel; Principal: At-Risk, Pregnant Teens, Alternatives Schools WAAT

Pearce, Joseph Chilton; Brain Development; Childhood’s End; Magical Child, Latest Brain-Mind-Heart Research and Conscious Learning; Stages of Development WAAT

Pearce, Joseph Chilton; Child Development Strategies and Stages WAAT

Pearce, Joseph Chilton; Computers and Effects on Youths Minds WAAT

Pearce, Joseph Chilton; Latest Brain Research on the Triune Brain WAAT

Prescott, Dr. James; former Director of NIH: Roots of Violence in America; Birthing and Child Rearing Practices WAAT.

Prescott, James; Interview Infant Bonding WAAT

Rhodes, Senator; Legislation Influencing Children WAAT

Robotics; FIRST Students; For Interest & Recognition in Science and Technology WAAT,

Sadofsky, Mimsy; Sudbury Valley School, Mass: Democratic School WAAT

Sauers, Tim; Principal; Progressive Public Schools: Milwaukee Project WAAT

Savage, Julie M.A.; Teacher Tunkanhannock SD: National and International Integrated Learning Models WAAT

Schwartz, Eugene; President of Waldorf Association of America: Learning through the Eyes of Steiner; Waldorf Schools in America WAAT.

Shivetts, Thomas, Director PA Principals Association; State of Principalships WAAT

Sizer, Drs. Ted and Nancy; Author Horace’s Compromise and Essential Schools Movement; The Students Are Watching: Moral Education WAAT

Spiezel, Dr. Michael, Asst Superintendent Dallas, PA, SD, Innovations in Curriculum WAAT

Stairs, PA Rep. Jess; House Education Committee. Legislative Impact on PA Schools WAAT.

Stroup, Stenson Tape; President of PA Superintendent’s Association. The Role of the Superintendent in 21st Century Schools WAAT

Tellarco, Patsy; Pennsylvania Teacher’s Association; Teaching in 21st Century WAAT

Turner, Dr. Joy; President of the Montessori Association; Montessori Method WAAT

Watkins, Diane M.A.; Dean of Professional Training, Richmond, VA: Alternative Day Care; Reggio Emilio School of Italy WAAT.

Warrington, Jean; Montessori School in PA, teacher, Learning Montessori Style  1999 WAAT

College Misericordia Alternative Education Models Conference; 1999 WAAT

Arnold Greenburg; Liberty School ME WAAT

Kanjorski, Paul; US Congressman (D) Pennsylvania

Brezinski, Daria; Eartheart Foundation ®

Kaploritz, Ellen; School Within A School, Brookline Mass

Lehman, David; Alternative Community Public School NY

Lopez, Rick; Jefferson County Open School CO

Melissa, Mari- Jean; Conference: Renaissance Progressive School

Solo, Len; Conference: Graham and Parks Cambridge, Mass

Wood, Roseanne; SAIL, FL