Body Id

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is in the light of the heart.” – Khalil Gibran

Body Identifier: The AN-AT-O-ME

Science proclaims that the body is organized around a pain and a pleasure system which do not coexist simultaneously. Rather, the body is a magnificent house for the spirit, IF cared for properly, is harmonious with the multiverse in a constant state of musical discourse, displaying a multitude of rhythms like Ultradian Rhythm and Circadian Rhythm. Ultradian rhythms are recurrent periods or cycles repeated throughout a 24-hour circadiann day. In contrast, Imeridian rhythms, such as the human menstrual cycle, have periods longer than a day. A circadian rhythm is a roughly 24-hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological or behavioral processes of living entities, including plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria.

These are the beats that the universe sings to us without our ever knowing the tune. The body is a daily receiver and transmitter of songs that bombard it from the ethers. If the rhythms are disturbed, much like the notes in a melody, the balance or equilibrium of all systems are compromised like dominoes sitting end to end being tapped and fall. When unnatural products are ingested or injected into the system, the results or after-effects emerge either immediately or lie dormant over generations before surfacing, becoming apparent or revealed but at some point, the natural becomes transmuted.


For a nation that values and worships physical prowess in the form of its athletes and sports figures, it is unfathomable that the majority of the population is disconnected from its own physiology in an overweight and obese culture. The body is the conduit and vehicle for the spirit or ALIVENESS to manifest itself in the world. Without the ALIVENESS, the body withers and dies. Rather than the originator of the multiple planes and regions of energies contained in the ethers, the body is the receiver of the waves and frequencies science has defined and yet to define, capture, map or understand. The clearer the vessel (every feature of the body), including minimal emotional, psychological, physical damage, the more profound the earthly experience. Down to the tiniest cell, the body captures signals that are caught and contained as fields of memory and somehow, from the infinite possibilities that exist in the multiverse, those memories are trapped in this gravitational field, forever to be revisited over and over. The body never forgets.


The senses provide the antennae that captures event-filled-waves from the environment that produces this profound cellular memory. Although the mind may forget, the body remembers surgery, physical abuse, being lovingly stroked, experiences in dream-walking and even near-death. The mind may be unconscious to an experience or event but the body somehow can recall it. Alternative therapies, elicit these memories that lie under the surface. Acupuncture, for example, claims knowledge of meridian lines, likes lines of electrical charge, that run parallel along the body. Surgical procedures, such a hysterectomies, which cut across the body, sever many meridian lines at once.

In Oriental medicine, this can harm and unleash a series of illnesses or dis-equilibrium. The meridian lines are full of not just memory but also energy, heat, magnetism and connectivity. Much like latitude and longitude lines across the globe, acupuncture meridians along the body connect to various systems, functions and organs…the gall bladder meridian, heart meridian, liver meridian and so on. The lines look like the interior electrical lines running along the walls of a house with probably as much energy. Most individuals do not understand how electricity works through a wire conduit much less how electro-magnetic and chemical energies work throughout the body.

The physical body has both overt (bones) and ‘subtle’ (spiritual, psychic, emotional) energies as depicted in this Body Cycle Chart above. These are so interwoven, that to treat sickness, pain or symptoms without addressing all bodies, would be fruitless. The multiple physical; systems and layers include: Virus, Bacteria, Cells, Organs, Muscles, Nerves, Vessels, Systems, Chemicals, Electromagnetism, Thermal, Reproduction, Respiration, Circulation, Endocrine, Digestion, Elimination, Skeleton, Neurologic, Skin as well as the intangibles like thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, opinions and other intangible characteristics all of which need food, exercise and water, love, safety and nurturing to thrive and survive. The body is the vehicle for the spirit to manifest in this world. This is Physiological Discernment towards Equilibrium!


Case In Point

Suppose you were diagnosed with breast cancer. The physician would give you options such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation to treat the symptoms and disease. But, was the birth control pill, excess coffee drinking, delaying child birth, not breastfeeding or some emotional reason that caused the unnatural condition? Here is the summary of a patient who had breast cancer and chose a non-modern route to well-being:

Marie, after being diagnosed at age 25 with breast cancer, refused modern treatments. She set off on a journey to find alternatives. While under a holistic physicians care, she went on a ‘body cleansing program’ to remove toxins from her colon (which were backing up into her bloodstream), colonics with coffee and water enemas, raw live foods diet full of chlorophyll, supplements (vitamins and Chinese herbs), twice a week acupuncture treatments and work with a psychologist to uncover any latent emotional issues (which there were). Within six weeks, the symptoms and pain began to recede. Within six months, using all the above protocols, Marie was free of breast cancer. However, some 20 years later, the cancer returned in another part of the body. Going deeper, she sought out a Naturopathic physician, returned to a strict cleansing diet, herbs and supplements, sought Homeopathic alternatives, drank endless cleansing teas, deep tissue massage (which cleansed the body of toxins), began a regime of meditation and yoga for spiritual strength and clarity and chose EMDR (rapid eye movement therapy) which uncovered the very ‘root’ of her emotional, psychological and psychic issues- she had been molested as a child. Within a short period of time, the cancer vanished and Marie has been trouble free ever since unlike many of Marie’s cancer support group using modern medicine who died.