“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” – Carl Jung

The vacation we often need is freedom from our own mind. Appropriately curtailing our obsessive thought patterns is our plane ticket to the pristine beach, the vibrant jungle, of our deeper hearts.” –  Jack Adam Webber

Mental Identifiers

Mental IDENTIFIER is comprised of the brain (the physical, mechanical) and the mind (the intangible- thoughts, memory, consciousness) much like a clock has gears and parts (physical) and tells time and ticks (the intangible). If one took a clock apart, no part would ever render the notion that time and ticking would be a by-product. Reverse engineering is the only way to determine this phenomena. Like the clock, scientists and neurophysiologists map, define and observe the brain in relationship to its actions. Also like the clock, the visible parts do not make apparent the manner with which the electromagnetic and chemical functions, nor thoughts, dreams and emotions manifest.


The brain is like a radio antennae that captures the various wavelengths of the multiverse. The eyes capture color, light and image waves and supposedly imprint them on the brain. Although there are billions of infinite light waves that could potentially be captured, the retina and cones can harness only a select few. This is why the senses assist the eye, ears and nose in capturing event waves. Because the antennae are so limited in scope, our awareness, consciousness and discernment about the life experience can be limited as well. The more sensitive, open, aware, clear and knowledgeable we become, the more mental discernment we possess.


But the brain is the mechanism that captures waves, while the mind assimilates, interprets and utilizes them. Several important techniques assist the MIND to fully function: intuition, daydreaming, critical thinking, dialogue and asking appropriate questions. Intuition allows the mind to be quiet for answers to materialize; daydreaming allows the mind to wander in search of answers; critical thinking enables the mind to assimilate all the information that bombards it; for some reason, during verbal dialogue with another, the senses are able to solidify the thoughts, opinions and beliefs; asking the appropriate questions ‘sets up’ a wave pattern that attracts the information patterns that align with the answers. Western training in learning and memory reinforces a narrow methodology. Learning to question authority in school, for example, is unthinkable. Rote recall hampers intuition. Regurgitating for testing inhibits critical thinking. Art, music, silence, stillness, learning to ask appropriate questions and interactive dialogue and debate, are all tools in mind development and acumen to actualize astute discernment skills.


NASA President Dan Goldin (2000) describes how children lacking in critical thinking skills have developed brain-lock by using the following example: “What is the function of x and y in this equation?  0 7 2 0 1 9 x y ? The first response the brain encounters is patterning because that is the way we teach children in school to reason. The answer 6 for x and 9 for y (the date of the first manned landing on the moon).” But learning only through patterning without intuition and creativity, the mind is imprisoned in that LP record groove.


The degree our mental map describes territory does not alter the existence of thoughts. Memory is not housed in the brain but rather connects to the waves and captures a ‘connection’ rather than the memory itself.  Once captured into this frequency level, memories are stored in the gravitational ethers of this planet. Professionals have ascertained that the brain contains several domains- Cognitive (thought), Affective (emotion), Psychomotor (motion), Conative (The aspect of mental processes or behavior directed toward action or change and including impulse, desire, volition, and striving.) that form Habitudes (attitudes along with behavioral habits). These are more examples of ‘mapping’ and defining geographic portions of the brain rather than aspects of the Mind.

Cat scan of the skull


Practitioners claim that ‘children are resilient’. Yet, if a child is traumatized from an accident, the death of a parent or sibling, or abused verbally, physically or mentally, belittled, bullied or humiliated, that memory is registered at the cellular level which never forgets it. If there is an imbalance in the child’s life from extreme discipline, few moments of real love, or the human need for safety and security goes unmet, then the scars of those circumstances become major issues throughout life. These could possibly elicit aggression, anger or withdrawal early on or later in life. It can be transformed into overt aggression towards others or self-sabotage. Eventually as an adult, the energy involved in repression or denial of the memories from negative childhood events begin to surface as psychological, mental, physical pain and suffering (like soldiers returning from war suffering from Post Traumatic Stress), nightmares or erratic behavior. There is no separation between an event and the emotion, physical stress or spiritual guilt around it. It’s all the same to the mind. In order to heal, the physical body must be challenged, the mental mind probed, the broken spiritual psyche mended and the emotions felt deeply. Sometimes the scars remain, blocking memory in later years- as Alzheimer’s patients.


The mind is profoundly delicate with its electro-magnetic and chemical impulses. Although consumption of ‘organic’ herbs and supplements are easily absorbed by the body with few side effects, often drugs and pharmaceuticals can impair and keep submerged the very thoughts and feelings needed to be expressed (as children given anti-depressants become enraged during puberty or depression during menopause or after childbirth) or cause them to explode like a pressure cooker with the lid removed too soon. Eventually, all thoughts emerge either through dreams or unwanted actions or feelings, until the moment when facing them is the only option. Good mental health is the balance of the physiological functions (exercise, proper weight, nutrition, minerals), feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and peaceful environment while acknowledging both dark and wonderful thoughts. THIS is Mental IDENTIFIER towards Equilibrium.


Child Transformation

So many brilliant people use the intellect as an escape from emotional, physical or social issues that are too painful to face. Jeffrey was the most noticeable student in the classroom. His presence could be heard at the front door of the school booming throughout the corridors. He was thought to be a severe behavior problem at age 6. But Jeffrey’s teacher noticed how bright he was although he could not sit still at his desk for longer than a minute. She arranged a meeting with Jeffery and his single mom during the first week of school. It was here that the problem of his behavior became evident. In agreement with his mom, the teacher and Jeffrey had both breakfast and lunch together provided by the teacher. His diet at home consisted mostly of sugars- cereals, bags of candy in front of the TV- starches- potato chips and pretzels, and very little ‘real food’. In reciprocity, Jeffrey learned about healthy eating habits, felt safe, developed interpersonal and communication skills. By the end of the school year, Jeffrey could sit still long enough to be tested into the advanced gifted program, his behavior dramatically shifted at home and in school and he was able to excel in his school work thereafter.


It is not so important to know everything as to appreciate what we learn.” – Hannah More