Genetic Identifiers

 Children are God’s promise that life will continue on this planet. Black Elk.


Genetic coding comes not just from parents but also from all previous generations of physiological heritage. ALL are connected from an original source or seed encoded from a long lineage. ALL who have come before are accessed through us…the seed. A seed contains the invisible encoded message for the structure, characteristics and functions of the entire tree in its minute encapsulation. Within that seed are generations of change, growth, mutations and programming that will sustain the tree for life. If the seed is opened, the programming, actions and process are invisible to the human eye. The human seed or embryo/sperm work the same way. Each contains the memory of lives of the far distant past, of memories washed away by time. Through the nature of ‘being’ these distant memories can be accessed, transformed and sustained throughout humanity.

Conditioning affects our paradigms

In Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss, American Holistic Medical Association, diagnoses illness through observation and understanding of energy. In her approach to wholeness, she believes that “our biography becomes our biology”. “You can be a vegetarian and run six miles a day. But if you are in an abusive relationship, hate your job, or have daily fights with your parents, you are losing energy. On the other hand, if you call back your energy from negative beliefs, you can eat cat food and stay healthy”.


Native people honor, respect and acknowledge the ‘ancestors’ for just being and providing the framework for existence on this planet. Science now reinforces that ritual. The genealogy of each human being, those who came long before, those present and future generations are all intertwined and interconnected in ways never imagined. A study conducted in a Denmark municipality by geneticists, who found perfect record keeping of generations of inhabitants since the 1400’s, opened the doors to a world of genetics heretofore unknown, that is, the connecting link between ancestors, the environment and health and well-being.  In short, the study found that drought and famine during times of fertility among males and females had a direct effect on the health of their grandchildren and future generations. Like it or not, genetics sets the foundation for the future of every human life biologically as well as the formulation of interrelationships, health, survival, maturation, behavior, beliefs and the core of the being. Understanding the past, transforms the future. It would appear that the biblical reference to the ‘sins of the parents to the third and fourth generations’ has merit.



There is global confusion in defining the framework, structure, function and characteristics of the modern family, parenting and the roles these entities as the expression of family evolves and morphs into other configurations. Traditionally in Western culture, the family was composed of Father, Mother and Child. But the rise in divorce to 55% with single motherhood more dominant has dramatically altered that definition while multitudes are still in denial over some past ideal. With the emergence of ‘gay rights’, same sex parents have added to breaking the mold. The stark changes in culture, society and community, have made defining the makeup, nature and function of family elusive. The sixties brought about an abundance of intentional communities. Other nations like Samoa have for generations accepted the reality of communities raising the children. But in a mobile nation like the US whose inhabitants no longer know the neighbors, one notion is certain- human beings need a firm foundation, safety, security, love and attention to develop into healthy citizenry. Although the ideology of ‘villages’ raising the child is legislation, the reality is that the village, community and neighborhood no longer has the infrastructure to support that ideal. In reality, the definition, nature, type, characteristics of ‘family’ are unclear and ever changing.



When does the magical spark ignite the ALIVENESS factor? Initiation into this world begins with gestation where the embryo hears, senses, feels and intuits the mother’s world as well as the external environment. Studies show that even in the womb, the child is conscious, aware and responsive. From the very moment the child breathes for the first time, it is introduced into a world that tortures it, yanks it by the head, burns its eyes and takes it away from the only sense of security and safety it will ever know- the smell, taste, sight, touch and sound of ‘mother’. As the medical community has transformed the birthing process, so to has the spiritual structure of life been relegated to the mechanical where mothers are no longer ‘in touch’ with the natural needs of their babies and children. Indigenous tribal mothers are acutely aware of their children’s needs whether it is time to eliminate, feed, comfort or shelter; those innate qualities of all animals. Modern mothers  have lost these instincts with the introduction and intrusion of mechanical birthing practices, lack of bonding at birth and throughout the formative years, structured time segments for nurturing and general dissociation from any environmental security and safety features. Infants lose crucial immunities, sense of smell, taste and touch when discouraged from suckling at the breast.  From the moment of birth, procedures used during the event set the stage for life.


The initial interconnection between mother and child through ‘bonding’ lays the groundwork for future relationships and intimacy, physical immunities, the ability to  be connected and sense of ‘belonging’ (whether as member of family, society, neighborhood, nation or world). The most profound influences in life are the early relationships with care givers, parents, siblings, family and close friends during the formative years from pre-birth to age 7 (known as the preverbal stage). Because the brain is underdeveloped until  the age of 18 years, the grown-up modeling, connecting, nurturing, loving in safe and secure environments is imperative to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of the child-adult. In addition, the benefit of the young child surrounded by multiple generations, elders transmitting the wisdom of age and experience gives the child a well-rooted foundation for the future through the wisdom of the past.  Western society has entranced and romanticized us into believing that buying into modern practices is the ‘best’ avenue for our children as their spirits, souls and passions are diminished over time (only to be attempted to be resurrected during adulthood).


The CHILD is the hope for the future of the planet. How we nurture the growth and development of their spirits determines the ALIVENESS as well as health and WELLNESS, DISCERNMENT and discrimination as well as VIBRANCY and EQUILIBRIUM of the individual as well as the planet.  Is it any wonder that adolescence has been extended beyond the teen years (especially for males) who are attempting to recapture lost youth by playing games, playing with toys and being irresponsible? Is it any wonder that entitlements and self-centeredness (egocentric) in individuals has become more prominent than service to others or responsibility for self? When childhood well-being is extracted, diminished or incapacitated, something suffers on every level and element of life and living. The ‘sacredness’ in child birthing, development and rearing is imperative for a healthy planet and its equilibrium.


Authority Figures -relationships with, responses to, experiences
Birth Order -only child, eldest, second, middle, youngest, blended
Birthing Practices – natural, water, dula, home birth, breast feeding
Child Development – home with a parent and/or siblings until age 12
Elders – grandparents, exposure to elders, apprentice
Family Models – same sex, two sex, single parent, childless, extended
Hurried Child – no time to rest, silence, meditate, daydream, running
Parenting Skills – child is a reflection of the behavior, beliefs, attitudes
Relationships – friends, career, community, groups, organizations,
Tweens; Teens – un-adulterated, immature brain mixed media message
Function of PLAY – imperative for brain/mind/heart/soul/ spirit development
Whole Parent;Whole Child – Me and Thee are ONE

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” – Heraclitus